Bradley; Programming in Visual Basic The author team of Julia Bradley and countless students around the world in Programming with Visual Basic Moving a bit deeper into the new IDE capabilities, the next significant new feature I'll cover is support for parallel programming. Visual Studio ships with. Bradley; Programming in Visual Basic 1 – Introduction to Visual Basic 2 – User Interface Design. 3 – Variables, Constants, and Calculations. 4 – Decisions and Conditions. 5 – Menus, Common Dialog Boxes, Sub Procedures, and Function Procedures. 6 – Multiform Projects. 7 – Lists, Loops, and Printing. 8 –.


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Representational State Transfer REST and related technologies are now becoming mainstream foundational communication mechanisms. Applications are beginning to find a home in cloud-based architectures, putting scalability, reliability and data security in the hands of third parties.

Better Coding - Better Coding with Visual Studio

And Web application patterns are aligning to commoditized styles and standards. Even hardware is changing, as processor speeds are nearing theoretical peaks with current chip technology, and multicore systems are providing the new way to squeeze programming in visual basic 2010 more performance out of a single computer.

It is into this world, and its programming in visual basic 2010 demands of software and software developers, that Visual Studio arrives.

And, loaded with new capabilities, it stands poised to deliver on the growing requirements of software in a world that now stretches across platforms, cores, styles and standards.

Not every new capability will be covered here; rather, the goal of this article is to highlight some of the specific features that developers will be able to put to use immediately in their daily work. Full feature lists are readily available in the product documentation.

Visual Studio IDE Improvements As software development continues to address more and more complex scenarios, developers often feel pressure to be more productive.

Programming in Visual Basic

Visual Studio adds several new visual features to the editor itself that programming in visual basic 2010 with productivity. Monitors have become affordable enough to allow developers to use two or more in their work, and this new feature lets you spread out your coding and design windows across multiple screens.

The window will re-dock just as easily by clicking the title bar and dragging it back into the IDE area, aligning the title bar to the tabs of the other windows. Figure 1 Untethering a Window from the IDE Another nice new feature in the Visual Studio editor is the ability to box select and edit a vertical block of text.

Programming in Visual Basic 2010

While this may not be the most frequent problem you face, it does happen occasionally, programming in visual basic 2010 many developers find themselves wishing they could select a whole vertical block and apply a common change to all lines at once.

Visual Studio introduces this block-edit capability. Figure 2 Box Selecting There is also a helpful highlighting feature for references in your code.

  • Better Coding - Better Coding with Visual Studio 2010
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In the editor, when you click on a variable, object, method, property, type or other symbol, all references to that symbol in your code will become highlighted to help you quickly discover where the item is being used.

Visual Studio ships with diagnostic tools to help debug and analyze parallel applications.

Aside from pure innovation, factors such as power conservation and realistic limitations of clock-speed, power consumption and heat are influencing the trend toward multicore systems. Some industry leaders predict that mainstream machines will have 50 or more cores in the next programming in visual basic 2010 years.

This presents a unique problem.

Prior to the multicore revolution, faster machines meant faster-running applications. It is therefore critical to target multicore architectures going forward.


Before Visual Studio and the. NET Framework 4, writing code that could make use of more than one core was difficult.

To meet this challenge, this release includes some updates to the runtime—and some new types, libraries and tooling—to help developers take advantage of multicore systems. The TPL contains two primary classes. One of these, System.

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